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Obtaining copies of Assemblies Outreach Magazine

Subscribe for a year's supply:   If you attend an assembly in NSW, you can take out a subscription for a year (or part of the current year) via your assembly's magazine secretary and receive the magazine as part of the bulk mailing to the assembly. This saves on postage costs and helps keep overall production costs down.

Or: order an individual subscription by sending your personal mailing address, and a Cheque or Money Order (made out to "NSW Assemblies Evangelistic Mission") to cover the annual subscription, and mailing these to this address:-


Assemblies Outreach Magazine

P.O. Box 20


Payment:   can also be made by Direct Deposit into the NSWAEM Bank Account.   Details can be found on page 14 of the February 2021 magazine, or by emailing the Editor.

Back Copies:  View the Cover & Contents List of previous issues of the magazine, and if you would like a free sample of a particular issue please e-mail details of your request.    This offer is subject of course to that particular issue not being out of print !

Archived & Bound Copies:  Original copies dating back to November 1964 have been bound into Volumes and are available for historical research purposes by contacting the Mission office.

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