NSW Assemblies' Evangelistic Mission

Assemblies Outreach Magazine – the current issue is —

June 2022  (which is Vol. 51 No.3)

was mailed to assemblies and individual subscribers on 29 June


June 2022 cover
Page #
First Glance 3
'Out & About'  in NSW Assemblies 4
 News from some Commended Workers 6
 AFCI Dinner Report 2022 10 
News from Christ Centred Church 14
PSSM Mailbox Club update 16
The Pocket Testament League of Australia 17
Items for Prayer (from CCCAust affiliated churches 19 
Recent News from Brendon and Sarah Walker 20 
The Growing 'Infodemic' 22 
A Church Plant in the ACT  23 
Book Review - 'More Than a Carpenter'   24 
Redeem TV - Streaming Goodness  25 
"Which none can shut" - Book Review  26 
10 Things about the Smartphone  27 
Internet Corner 29 
NSWAEM info + Christian Funerals Advert  31 
  CBCS Advert 32 

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