NSW Assemblies' Evangelistic Mission

Assemblies Outreach Magazine – the current issue is —

June 2021  (which is Vol. 50 No.3)

was mailed to assemblies and individual subscribers on 24 June 2021
[Please Note: Items for the June 2021 issue should be submitted to the Editor by 16th July 2021 if possible.]


April 2021 cover
Page #
First Glance 3
'Out & About'  in NSW Assemblies 4
Praying for CCCAust(NSW) affiliated churches 6
News from some Commended Workers  10
Five things God never said (part 2)  15
Women's Mission Conference 2021   17
The Power of Prayer 18 
An American Nurse shares about COVID-19  23 
The Pocket Testament League  26 
A Hint on how to share the Gospel  27 
"Why is the Lord's Supper so Important?"   Booklet Review  28
Internet Corner 29 
NSWAEM info + Christian Funerals Advert 31 

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