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Assemblies Outreach Magazine:– advertising within its pages

Advertising space in the Assemblies Outreach magazine is used to help inform readers about the work of Christian Brethren ministries in NSW, and about businesses and events which may be of interest to the readers.  Income derived from the sale of advertising space significantly helps fund the cost of the magazine's production. Typically, in the recent past, about 12% of the magazine's pages have contained paid advertising.

The usual print run is currently 380 copies but not all these are needed for paid subscriptions. Commended workers amongst the Christian Brethren receive a free copy, and other free copies are distributed from time to time to increase awareness of the magazine amongst the NSW Assemblies.  It can be said that the number of readers is considerably greater than 700 (because potentially a whole family reads one magazine) and that the majority of readers are involved with a Christian Brethren assembly/church or an associated ministry in NSW, were one or two copies are circulated amongst a group of people.

Sometimes larger print runs are undertaken for wider distribution of a supplement from a particular ministry.

Six issues of the magazine are published each calendar year. The aim is to publish around the middle of the months February, April, June, August, October and December.   Each magazine has 32 pages (A5 size) – all of which are printed in full colour on high quality paper.

Also, subscribers have an option to purchase a PDF version of the magazine. For those who take up this option, the magazine is emailed on the day the printed magazines are mailed via Australia Post. Advertisers should note that any email or web page addresses included in their advert will be 'live' in the PDF version, enabling direct 'click-through' links to those destinations on the Internet.

The Advertising Rates listed in the tables below are applicable for the calendar year 2020.

To book advertising space, please contact Colin Winrow on 0412 596 104 or via e-mail.   Do this well in advance of the date of issue of the magazine and discuss your detailed requirements and how best to prepare and deliver your advertising material for printing.

Advertising Rates for the full year 2020 (all 6 issues) are:-
(Note: the blue coloured options have already been booked or reserved and are no longer available in 2020)

Full Year outside back cover A5 page $2,370
inside front cover
half A5 $960
  inside back cover half A5 $960
  inside front cover quarter A5 $515
  inside - on any other page A5 page $1,680
half A5 $860
quarter A5 $465
eighth A5 $226

Advertising Rates for a single issue in 2020, if space is available, are:-

Single issue inside - on any page
(except the covers)
A5 page $320
half A5 $165
quarter A5 $85
eighth A5 $43
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