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Mission Description, Aims, and Structure

The NSW Assemblies' Evangelistic Mission was founded in 1975 by brethren from the NSW Assemblies (often known as the "Open Brethren"), particularly under the leadership of Captain Fred Wilkins, as a means primarily to foster evangelism in New South Wales, Australia, especially in the rural areas outside the major cities.  Over the years the Mission has evolved and changed in some respects - and its history, though not well documented at this stage, has been summarised here.

The Mission is a Company Limited by Guarantee under the current laws of Australia and must report to the Australian Charities and Not for Profit (ACNC) in the required manner.

The Company Secretary, Mr Colin Winrow, can be contacted here.

The General Aim of the Mission today is to be a servant organisation to the Body of Christ, the Church, by supporting and encouraging the Lord's work in and through the NSW Assemblies and CCCAust(NSW) churches, their Commended Workers, associated ministries or para-assembly organisations and other kindred bodies.  In this capacity it reports on an informal basis to the NSW Coordinating Conference.

The Specific Aims of the Mission include:-

The achievement of the General Aim and the Specific Aims is currently expressed in four particular areas of ministry :–

More details of each function can be accessed via the AEM Menu on this web site.  These Mission ministries, or functions, are overseen by a Board of Directors, as illustrated in the Mission structure diagram.  [Note: You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the diagram. If you don't have it please obtain it (as a free download) from the Adobe company website]

The Mission's Board is ultimately responsible to God, but along with all para-assembly organisations in NSW reports to, and seeks guidance from, the CCCAust(NSW) Co-ordinating Conference (formerly the "NSW Coordinating Conference" and before that the "Assemblies Combined Elders Meeting") which meets regulary in various venues.

The above aims and areas of ministry may be modified from time to time as the Lord leads the Directors, or as NSW Assemblies themselves make requests to the Board, which would usually be via the NSW Coordinating Conference.

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